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Dahua Industrial Company in America NPE exhibition a great success
   March 23, 2015 - March 27th, HuaSu company affiliated Dahua Industrial Company in held in Orlando Florida¡¯s three annual NPE International Plastics exhibition. American NPE International Plastics Exhibition exhibition is the largest and oldest in the world, influential, second only to Germany K exhibition. The exhibition, Dahua Industrial Exhibition Area of 111 square meters, the exhibition booth design follows the Dahua Industrial Industrial blue style, concise and atmospheric. During the exposition, received from USA, South America, Europe and other countries and regions of the high accurate customer more than 80 people, the world¡¯s top 500 enterprises American Saint Gobain, American sealed professional technical team, the company came to the exhibition site, carry out technical exchanges deep and Dahua Industrial team members. The success of the show exhibitors has greatly expanded the "big machine" in North America, South America market brand awareness, enhance the Dahua Industrial Company cutting, winding in the field of the world¡¯s international influence, to develop the Native American customers, the exhibition a complete success!
   During the exhibition, Dahua Industrial Exhibition impressed the team work, rigorous, serious professionalism and work style to the customer the high-end international trade, was highly praised by the customers, to the Chinese people won the great honor, for "made in China" label affixed to the beautiful.


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