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Seize the opportunity to seek a breakthrough, and promote the development of
April 16, 2015 to 17, HuaSu company and subsidiary holding company Dahua plastics company, Warren Company, the leadership of ENSO Dahua Industrial Company in West Lake Electronics Group Co. Ltd. and Hangzhou Mdt InfoTech Ltd jointly held the 2015 annual work conference.
Work meeting, participants listened carefully to the chapter of the chairman "seize the opportunity ahead full battle started" the theme of transformation and upgrading in speech, Professor Zhang Xuguang "Internet + era of innovation thinking training seminars around the theme, the two themes, the participating enterprises with their own reality also launched a lively industry group discussion. Two days of the meeting agenda is compact and rich content of the conference is inspiring, encouraging, left deep impression to the person.
After the meeting, HuaSu company deputy general manager Jin Shuanglin organize the whole staff to seriously study the chapter chairman¡¯s speech, the implementation of the work of the spirit of the meeting, to guide the staff of various departments Each airs his own views., speak one¡¯s mind freely, launched a "heated debate around the Internet + Era" creative thinking and the work of the Department. Gold always convey a chapter in communication industry group chairman conference stressed, "to break the inherent thinking, cherish the opportunity, take the initiative to embrace, march forward courageously; manufacturing industry to implant the Internet thinking, actively promote the mixed ownership, accelerate the integration with the capital market; to be full of passion, static heart in economy, and develop the ability to make full use of resources."
Chapter chairman also pointed out that in 2015 should focus on the reform of "main line", precise force "three industries", and promote the "five development", continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to build an upgraded version of the enterprise transformation and development. Chapter chairman speech inspiring, encouraging people to watch.
Standing in the transformation and development of the air, in the face of the Internet "+", "project", "seven emerging industries of strategic planning" and other favorable policies of the external environment, HuaSu company and its affiliated enterprises to firmly grasp the rare opportunities for development, with the Internet + creative thinking to size up the situation, positioning the industry. Planning of new industries, solid and steadily push forward the measures of enterprise development, through the reform of Dongfeng, create a new situation of enterprise development.
Seize the opportunity to seek breakthrough, coagulate the heart gets together force hurried develops. This is the best of times, it was the worst of times, only to take the initiative, the initiative to embrace, to see the dawn of hope.
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