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Accumulate steadily upgrade¡ª¡ªHangzhou Dahua Industrial Rubber Exhibition Guangzhou 2015 new heights
   2015 May 20 - 23 days, HuaSu company subordinate Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. attended in Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall hosted the 2015 Guangzhou Rubber Exhibition. The exhibition Dahua Industrial Company without Machinery Exhibition exhibitors, but a live demonstration of the new shooting of the company covers the latest intelligent slitting, winding technology R & D technical progress and achievement in commercials, promotional also show Deqing production base of the new production features, attract the attention of domestic and foreign customers in the industry, so that new and old customers refreshing, exhibition to achieve the desired effect, greatly enhance the Dahua Industrial Control in the field of industry segments on benchmark image!
    The exhibition site, from states, Russia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries and regions to foreign customers compared to the same period last year Guangzhou Rubber show increased by 20%, gratifying is the scene immediately signing orders amounted to 12 million dollars.
    Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. as slitting and winding the segments of the benchmarking enterprises, in the face of the downturn of the situation of the manufacturing industry as a whole, buried endeavour, focus on mining the customer demand for high-end, committed to innovation "Chi made", the use of "Internet + thinking and achieve innovation and R & D equipment remote operation and maintenance. Transformation and upgrading, development, let Dahua Industrial Company in competitiveness continuously strong, market share continue to grow the healthy and sustainable development of road, she will accumulate, let us wait and see.
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