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HuaSu company to implement the
   In order to effectively implement 2015 chairman Zhang Guojing April 29 Xinke   Company Secretary of the Party committee to carry out the educational lectures on special topics of "strict three real. On 1 June 2015, Zeng Liying, deputy secretary of Party committee, HuaSu company chairman Zheng Wuyi lead the relevant functional departments responsible person, went to Xiasha 18 Street No. 256 HuaSu company and Dahua Company related to the leadership and the backbone to learning" strict three real "relating to the content, research Dahua relocation installation, new research HuaSu project.
    Through the study, we deeply feel that we should work hard in the word, so realistic, seeking fine, seeking deep, seeking quasi, seeking effect. Talk about unity and dedication, and take good to the good. Through investigation, further put forward the requirements, on-site to solve the actual problem. Through the research, we think HuaSu company as Xinke company three platforms, one of the pillar industries, construction function of membrane materials R & D and production, processing and logistics base project is necessary, HuaSu company and Dahua Company to be in some time ago to industry and location research foundation to further improve the feasibility study report and to be fully demonstrated.


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